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Immerse yourself in the sleek, cool design of the YGW SCS CLAMP and experience unbeatable durability. Made from the highest quality 6082-T6511 aluminum, this clamp stands at a commanding height of 78.0mm (3.070") with a bore of Ø35.0mm H₇ (Ø1.378" H₇). Don't hesitate to make this essential addition to your setup - with a weight of only 164.8g (5.81oz) and a quantity of 1, it's the perfect choice for any rider.


M8x25mm Cap Head - Part No SC 1005

M8x25 Cap Head

8mm Washer - Part No SC1006

8mm Washer

M8x12mm Grub Screw - Part No SC1007

12mm Grub Screw